Special Items:

We have some special requests for items from our director, Kaori, to help with Hekab Be’s educational programs for the children of Akumal:

  • Projector to watch videos of animals, nature, movies. When volunteers come to the Library, they show the children pictures of their country and city, talking about where they live.
  • 10 Bicycle, helmet and gloves for kindergarten and primary school children (Cycling class)
  • 6 Binoculars and Cameras for bird watching and walking in the woods (Nature class)
  • Electronic Piano (Music class)
  • Sandbox
  • Sewing machine (Sewing class)
  • Fabrics for sewing class and recover chairs couches
  • Embroidery Kits (Embroidery hoop, threads, needles and fabrics)
  • Printer
  • Seeds and good soil for our garden
  • Greenhouse
  • Water server
  • White clothing for all ages or cotton bags to tie dye
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Educational book in Spanish about animals, dinosaurs, outer space, nutrition etc.

General Supplies:


We always need supplies for our classes and general administration. If you don’t have space in your suitcase, many of these items can be purchased here in Mexico at the many grocery and office supply stores in Playa del Carmen. Items marked with a * are always needed, as they are what we use almost every day.

  • Boxes to keep LEGOS or materials
  • Tape*
  • Good quality Erasers* (hard to find in Mexico)
  • Children’s scissors
  • Jumbo Crayons*
  • Washable colored markers
  • Thick Kindergarten colored pencils*
  • Colored pencils*
  • Thick, non-spiral notebooks, as requested by the school*
  • Highlighter markers*
  • UHU transparent silicone glue*(This is really useful for art class)
  • White (PVA) glue*
  • Silicone glue*
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks*
  • All kind of paint but especially acrylic*
  • Printer paper(white)
  • Craft materials
  • Stickers
  • Good paint brushes*
  • Rulers*
  • Coloring books*
  • Pencils
  • Pens*
  • Well-made pencil sharpeners*
  • Pencil cases*
  • Folders*
  • Good white paper for painting class*

*Item in demand; used often

Rewards and Small Gifts:

You can also donate items that we gift the children as rewards for attendance and performance. These are supplies that they can use in the public school and in their homes:

  • Socks (all ages)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Big White board for class
  • Book stands to organize books
  • Book shelter to keep books

Activity Wish List

Although many of the thousands of visitors that flock to the Riviera Maya go to local sites of interest such as the Mayan ruins and amusement parks, it is a sad fact that many of the children who are born and grow up here never have the opportunity to visit these places. In fact, some of the local Mayan children have never even been to the ruins in Tulum to experience their amazing heritage for themselves.

Part of our mission at Hekab Be is to teach the children of Akumal about their traditional culture and expose them to places that they would never otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Through this activity wish list, you can help our students discover their local area and its many wonderful attractions by sponsoring a day trip or activity for our children, donating funds towards a planned trip, or joining the children on a visit to a site of your choice.

Some of the places we would like to take the children, and experiences we would love them to have, are:

  • Tulum Ruins
  • Coba Ruins
  • Muyil Ruins
  • Sian Kaan Biosphere
  • Punta Laguna Nature Reserve
  • Dos Ojos Museo de la Prehistoria
  • Xcaret
  • Rio Secreto
  • Cenotes
  • Swimming classes
  • Horse Riding

These are just a few suggestions of locations where the children can have new experiences, learn new skills, and explore their local culture.

If you need any more information about how you can help provide one or more of these activities, or if you have a suggestion for another activity you’d like to gift, then please contact us through our Facebook page.