volunteering at Hekab be

IMG_20200309_170744615If you are visiting the Riveria Maya and would like to volunteer or drop off supplies, please email Kaori.

We have many visitors, from families to young and old couples and everyone in between!

Check out our blog and Facebook page to learn more about how you can become involved.

volunteer guidelines

1. Please keep in mind that the children speak Spanish primarily. When communicating with them, be conscious if there is a language barrier and request translation when needed, especially when giving instructions for an activity. Also, remember that some words have a different connotation when translated to Spanish from a different language and may not be appropriate for children. Choose your words carefully.

2. Modest dress is mandatory.  Please refrain from wearing provocative clothing (form fitting, low cut, revealing, containing adult language or themes, etc.) on the premises.

3. Maintain appropriate physical contact.

4. Stay engaged with the activities that are happening, rather than distracting the children to perform other tasks or play different games. Leaders of activities have the floor, and volunteers should help encourage the children to give them their focus.

5. When creating or choosing games, crafts, etc. be prepared to work with children of all ages between 3 and 12 years old together.

6. Personal invites for engaging the children outside of the library are strictly forbidden.

7. Children are responsible for organizing toys and materials after each use and prior to moving on to another activity. We request that volunteers reiterate and help facilitate this expectation.

8. Be safe!

9. Have fun!

print and sign volunteer guidelines: