Hekab Be promotes literacy and learning opportunities among children and adults in Quintana Roo, Mexico, in order to meet their educational goals. Serving as a tool for educational, social and economic progress, we provide individuals and families with resources for scholastic advancement, helping improve people’s language and literacy skills, while promoting cultural preservation and awakening the desire to understand other customs and ways of thinking.

Hekab Be means “Open Road” in Maya, and this is what we strive to provide … an open road to learning, discovery, and better futures. Thanks to the generosity and bigheartedness of library friends, the dream to keep the road to learning open remains alive.

The most important thing we provide for the community is a free after school program for local children. We offer classes in English, Music, Art, Mayan Culture and Language, Environmental Education, and Organic Gardening, as well as Homework Help. Our goal is to keep the children excited about learning, and allow them to experience the richness of opportunity available to them so they will stay in school and open more possibilities for their future.

We also offer a summer program for the children of Akumal. The rich curriculum is always focused on a theme, and includes demonstrations and classes from local and visiting artists and experts. Past experiences have included photography, sewing, and origami. 

Hekab Be Biblioteca receives absolutely no financial support from the local, regional, or federal governments of Mexico to support its operations. We provide all classes and amenities for free to all residents and visitors of Akumal and the surrounding area, and we are 100% supported through donations of supplies, money and time from our generous supporters. You can donate funds via Donate or visit the library. Donations are tax-deductible for US residents and citizens.