A (belated) New Year Newsletter

First off, A HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Hekab Be, and an apology for not getting you all an update in January. We hope you all follow us on social media at our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you do, you will have seen the wonderful photos from the Christmas party, but if you haven’t here’s a quick look at all the fun we had …

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As you can see, the party was a big success, and ‘Red Beard’ 😉 Santa did a great job handing out gifts to excited children. Thank you to everyone in the Akumal community, both here and away, for your generous donations that gave the families of Hekab Be some extra Christmas cheer this year.

We also give a big thank you to the local businesses that donated food, drinks, and treats for the party, including Taqueria Maya, Turtle Bay Cafe, Lolha, La Taverna, Tequilaville, El Ultimo Maya, and La Buena Vida. Many of these businesses have been loyal Hekab Be supporters for many, many years and are always willing to step up and help out, not only with events but on a regular day-to-day basis. We appreciate you all!

Meanwhile, the Akumal beautification project continues at Hekab Be …

If you follow us online or have stopped by recently you will have noticed our beautiful new murals by Rory Eade. rory paintingA fantastic artist who reproduces pre-Hispanic art from archeological sites, Rory has not only shared his talent at Hekab Be, but is working his way around Akumal painting traditional artworks. You can see his depiction of the famous mural from the great ball court at Chichen Itza on the wall of the Cancha (basketball court) in Akumal Pueblo. Great location for it!

As well as the beautification from the murals, we recently completed work to fix up the concrete façade and roofs of the library buildings, and will be working on the inside of the classrooms soon.

We are continuing with our regular classes for the new year, and cooking class is always a favorite. Recently we had some parents show the children how to roast vegetables in a campfire. The roasted yams were delicious! Some of the other classes are swimming, yoga, painting, English, math, sports, and Maya culture and language.

Kaori’s big dream is to install a soft cover for the sports area to protect the children when they fall, and we are working with our volunteer board members to make that a reality. Watch this spot for news.

Speaking of volunteers….

At Hekab Be we are blessed with many visitors that stop by to visit the children and join in classes, and our parents are wonderful at helping Kaori and Lucy on a daily basis. We also have a core group of US board members, including new members Virginia Welstead and Ben Albright, to help with fundraising and administration … but unfortunately I (Betsy) am the only one here in Akumal most of the year. This means we really need of local volunteers to help with fund-raising and general publicity. (You may have noticed I am not so good at getting this newsletter written on time each month!)

If anyone reading this would like to volunteer, please email me at betsyamy@gmail.com, or talk to me in person. Your help would be very much appreciated!

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