Hekab Be’s Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is here, and we’re gearing up to have the best party ever here at Hekab Be. The more children, the more fun! Santa Claus has promised to visit us during the party as always, but this year we are going to be giving slightly different gifts to previous years.

Many of the families whose children attend Hekab Be struggle to make ends meet, and they have shared with us that they would appreciate gifts that are practical as well as fun. Gifts such as new clothes!

More practical, less plastic!

So this year we will be giving each child a set of new clothes, plus some small, fun, stocking stuffer style toys. We think this is a good middle ground where they will still have the thrill of new toys but also receive a gift that will be appreciated and used for much longer than something mass-produced in plastic.

We have 38 girls ages 3 to 12, with most aged 5 to 9. Clothes for girls would be shirts, skirts, t-shirts combos such as these on Amazon.com.mx, and sundresses such as this on Amazon.com.mx

We have 19 boys aged 1 to 12, with a pretty even distribution across the ages. Boys would love shorts and t-shirt sets such as these on Amazon.com.mx, or these Amazon.com.mx

You can buy clothes and gifts yourself, and drop them off at Hekab Be any weekday between noon and 6pm. Gifts can also be left at Turtle Bay cafe or at Super Chomak if you can’t make it by when we are open.

If you would like to buy clothes online via the Amazon.com.mx site and have them shipped to us here in Akumal, please contact Betsy for more information and a shipping address. Please don’t ship to the library – it is not secure! We suggest a price range of between $200 – $400 Mexican pesos (approximately $10 to $20 USD) per outfit.

The small toys should cost around $5 each, definitely no more than $10. The girls like unicorns, princesses, dolls, kitchen toys and and animals such as horses, dogs and cats. The boys like dinosaurs, sharks and lions, legos, cars, trucks and airplanes, and balls.

You can also donate directly to Hekab Be via Paypal. Make a note “Holiday wish list” and we will buy gifts for the children with your donation. You can also see our regular wish list here.

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