Feliz Navidad! Christmas Party on the 15th December

You are invited to join us for our Christmas party on Friday 15th December from 3 – 6pm. The children have been practicing a dance and song to perform on the day and other traditional dances will be performed by local artists as well. Come and enjoy the show and eat the tasty food that will be donated by our lovely friends over at The Taverna restaurant, Lol- Ha and La Buena Vida. And also cake and cookies will be donated by the wonderful team over at Turtle Bay Cafe and Bakery. With refreshments being donated by our awesome supporters over at Secrets Akumal.

We are still collecting presents and we need a lot as we expect up to 100 kids to be here to receive a present from Santa. ( Yes that’s right Santa is braving the heat of the Caribbean to give out presents! ) You can see our Christmas wish list Here.

And for those that are too far away to give a gift, you can also donate money for us to go and buy gifts. Just follow our Paypal link Here and request you donation that your donation is to be spent on gifts in the notes box when you go to donate.

Feliz Navidad!



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