The Summer Program Was A Success!

So we have come to the end of the 2017 Summer Program, it was such a great few weeks! We would like to thank everyone involved from the teachers and volunteers to all the people who donated supplies and funds and all the people that like and share and spread the word of what we do here at Hekab Be! All the kids are now back at school after receiving their back to school goody bags collected together from all you wonderful supporters of Hekab Be. All of the school supplies you have donated over the last year have made sure that all the kids at the summer program didn’t go without the things they desperately needed for the start of the new school year. Now we start all over again collecting funds and donations for next year! So if you would like to donate anything to the library please pop by or alternatively you can donate via PayPal as we rely on cash donations to run our daily operations for the after school classes that run all year round!

Thank you to all you amazing supporters of Hekab Be! X

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