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Art class with Eileen McCormick

The work of ensuring the families worst hit by layoffs due to COVID19 continues through the distribution of weekly food bags. If we can continue to provide basic food items, it will help relieve the stress of food insecurity.

Schools are still closed, however Kaori is now able to have small groups of children onsite for activities such as art classes, afternoon swimming at the beach, and other learning experiences.

Sadly, the annual Christmas program with performances, Santa, gifts and a party are not going to happen this year. We do plan a small gift giving event and your help to help purchase clothing for children ages 3-14 is most appreciated.

YOUR donation to the Hekab Be food drive, Christmas gifts, and programs via our PayPal account make that happen.


A great way to help is to buy a t-shirt from ThirdRailArt, one of our friends from the Akumal Arts Festival. You get a cool t-shirt to lounge around in during quarantine, and 100% of the profits assist with expenses. They make great gifts! Many different designs and colors to choose from – here are just a few:

Please Donate!

You can make a difference in the lives of Akumal children


Here’s what your money will help support:



After School Program

Classroom Supplies

Teachers’ Salaries

Operating Expenses

Building Maintenance and Improvements

If your donation is for a specific purpose (such as a fundraising event) please be sure to add a note so we know.

All donations are deductible for US taxpayers. Please contact us for a tax receipt. 

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